Tuesday, February 3, 2009

quote by George Kneller

CREATIVITY, as has been said,
consists largely of REARRANGING
what we do KNOW in order to find out
what we do not know. Hence, to
think CREATIVELY, we must be able
to look afresh at what we normally
take for granted.


Lisa Gatz said...

That's a great quote! And very true, I think.

Linda East said...

Kathy thanks for visiting my blogs and I have entered your name in my drawing..I have visited some of your blogs and I love the quotes and I read part of Remembering Pamula...what a nice thing to do.

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Linda (Okla)

Antonella said...

Great quotes, thanks for stopping by my wagon on the gypsy caravan for a wintry giveaway. Hugs, antonella :-)
#273, www.quilling.blogspot.com

Tinker said...

What a great quote!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the OWOH drawing. Lovely to meet you in Bloglandia!